The best way to find the cheapest flights

Seriously, how have I only recently discovered this?! With all the hours wasted endlessly comparing flight-comparison websites with travel agents and airline websites, I only wish I had known about this sooner.

Google’s ITA Software provides a Flight Matrix, which allows you to search for the cheapest available flights that fit your exact specifications. It doesn’t show you where you can purchase these flights, but it gives you a great bench mark as to which price is the “true” cost of the flights you’re looking for. And it doesn’t take long from there to find the website that those flights are on when you can quickly eliminate any price that looks a bit too much.

Give it a go now; it’s worked brilliantly for me so far!


  1. Just read your entry on finding cheap flights. Have you used sky scanner? It’s great for comparing airlines and travel agents. Some of the cheap ones however like Expedia etc. don’t include baggage so if these come up I just check which airline it is and then go book direct with them. On sky scanner you can also search the whole month and see on a chart which day is cheapest to fly. It’s UMBELIEVABLE for travel planning.

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